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Review: Quo Vadis Business Weekly Planner

I received this copy of the Quo Vadis Business Weekly Planner to review from Karen Doherty, VP of Marketing at Exaclair, Inc. Thank you for the opportunity to review it!

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I’ve always loved the small Quo Vadis Habana notebooks, and currently use them as my personal journals.  So I was excited to receive this planner with the Robert le héros Raspberry cover.  I find that colorful covers are easier to find in my bag, and are a welcome change of pace from the typical black planners.

front cover

front cover

This is a relatively small planner, measuring 4¼” X 6¼” X ½”.  The leatherette cover of the Quo Vadis Business planner is firm, but warm and soft to the touch.  If you press on it or try to bend it, the cover gives slightly, but is firm enough to write on without a desk or hard writing surface.  I personally find that this cover is very pleasant to handle, and the rounded corners are a nice touch–no jabbing yourself on pointed corners while rummaging for your planner in your bag!  The binding is sewn, with 3 white stitches holding each signature together.  Due to this binding, the planner lays quite flat when open.


back cover

In the front of the planner, there are several pages for personal identification, a yearly calendar, International telephone access codes, notes, and the year spread out on two pages.


Personal Notes and Yearly Calendar pages


"Anno-Planning" pages (2010 at a glance)

The main body of the planner shows each week spread on 2 pages in columns, with a column on the right side for phone numbers, fax numbers, email addresses, “See – Do”, and notes.  Each day is divided into hours, from 8am to 9pm.  There are also little tear-off triangles in the corners, so you can find your place in the planner, since there isn’t a ribbon bookmark.  Personally, I would prefer a ribbon bookmark in a coordinating shade, but I understand this would add to the cost of the planner.  I’ve used the tear-off triangles before, and they work just fine, too.


Two pages per week

There’s a lot of items on the page, but once you get used to where everything is, it’s not difficult to find spaces to put your vital information.  In order to keep the planner small and light, there isn’t a ton of room to write in each space.  However, I have small handwriting, and this suits me just fine–I don’t want to carry a large, heavy planner.  This fits in my relatively small purse, and is easy to tote around.

But how is the paper?  There are lots of planners on the market, but my primary concern is the quality of the paper.  If the paper isn’t pleasurable to write on, I don’t want to use the planner.  Never fear–this planner has Clairefontaine paper, 64 gsm, from PEFC certified forests.  It’s acid and chlorine free, so it should stand the test of time.

I found the paper a delight to write on!  I tend to use pens with very small tips and/or XF nibs, which tend to be scratchy on “normal” copy paper.  Not so with Clairefontaine paper–the tips of my pens move as if they were nearly frictionless.  In the top header, I used J. Herbin Orange Indien fountain pen (FP) ink, and on Monday’s column, from top to bottom, I used Noodler’s North African Violet (FP), Noodler’s Spirit of Bamboo (FP), a Pilot Precise V5 (0.5 mm), J. Herbin Orange Indien (FP), a mechanical pencil (0.5 mm), a random ballpoint pen, and a Pilot 0.3 mm gel pen.  On Tuesday’s column, I used a Pilot 0.3 mm gel pen.

All of the writing utensils behaved well, and there was no discernible feathering.  The paper is super smooth and white, and my pens glided effortlessly across the paper.  I’m picky about feathering, so I really appreciate that this paper doesn’t feather, even with some of my more demanding inks.  However, some inks take a little bit longer to dry on this surface.  I haven’t had a problem with smearing, but I’m right handed and use fine nibs.


Ink test with 3 fountain pen inks, 3 gel/rollerballs, a ballpoint, and a pencil

In order to preserve the small size of this planner, the paper is 64 gsm, which is fairly thin.  I personally like writing on thin paper, but there is some showthrough (and a tiny bit of bleedthrough with the Spirit of Bamboo, which tends to bleed through all paper).  This doesn’t bother me in a planner–I’m willing to make the size vs. thick paper tradeoff, but some people may be concerned about this.


Reverse side of the ink test page

Overall, this is a great planner for my needs.  The cover is warm and visually appealing (it also comes in solid, more traditional colors), and the super-smooth, white paper is a joy to use.  I often find myself absent-mindedly stroking the surface of the paper, enjoying its satiny surface.

Since I can’t actually carry a planner in with me during my day-to-day routine at the moment, I plan to use this to keep track of the letters and correspondence I receive, and to log when I’ve sent out thank-yous, letters, and postcards.  That way, I can tell how long it’s been since I’ve written someone, as well as what stationery and ink I’ve used.  Obsessive?  Perhaps, but it keeps me out of trouble!  ;-)

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