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Mini-Review: Pilot Petit1

Placed an order with JStationery for refills for one of my main studying pens (Uniball alpha gel multipen). Of course, in order to reach the $20 minimum for free shipping, I started looking around for small, interesting purchases. This was the result! Pilot Petit1 fountain pen (Violet) Very cu

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08.11.2009| Writing Utensil Reviews | KookyChick


New Vanishing Point Fountain Pen!

Just got a new Vanishing Point fountain pen today! Well, it's new to me, anyway. ;-)My new VP is a faceted version from the 1990's, in dark green. I'd put a pic up, except that it's soaking right now--there was dried ink residue still inside it.Here's a pic of the ink bottle that came with it, t

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08.1.2009| Miscellaneous | KookyChick