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Adorable Rhodia Notebook & Beautiful J. Herbin Ink!

A package came in the mail today from Karen Doherty, VP of Marketing of Exaclair, Inc. I had responded to this post on the Quo Vadis Blog, offering samples of red or blue ink in honor of Bastille Day.I was expecting a sample of either J. Herbin Bleu Pervenche or Éclat de Saphir fountain pen ink, b

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07.15.2009| Miscellaneous | KookyChick


New “Letters & Journals” Magazine in the Works!

@Jafferty on Twitter "tweeted" about some surveys for a new magazine that's being developed: "Letters & Journals." It's currently set to launch in 2011.Sounds like an interesting concept! Sure, I read blogs and e-zines, but there's just something about paper....I shop mostly online, but love t

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07.8.2009| Miscellaneous | KookyChick

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